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Tips & Techniques

At each monthly meeting, one of our many talented members shares their knowledge with us. We have learned many wonderful tips & techniques so far, and we will be sharing that information on this page as we are able. This is also where you will find other videos that all quilters, no matter your level of experience, will enjoy and learn from.

Some of the upcoming tips & techniques that have been scheduled include:

  • Making your own ironing table

  • Sashiko with Paula

  • Cyndi will be talking about precision piecing

We are looking forward to learning from these talented ladies!

Cyndi shared valuable information about the many "feet" our machines can use. Look at your machine manufacturer’s site to see what OEM feet are available for your machine and what they’re used for.









Presser Foot Chart

Information and Videos

mar 5 24 2_edited.jpg

Make Your Own Ironing Table

Cyndi showed us an easy way to make our own ironing table/board. Click below for her step-by-step instructions.

Color Theory:

Have you ever struggled to pick just the right fabrics for your next quilt or project? We have two videos linked below that will help you with your color choices. In these videos, you will learn the different intensities of the color wheel, how to identify colors by their intensity as well as what colors add power or tone.  This website offers many videos to aid you in choosing complimentary colors for your next project. Just type the word color into the search field. We can't see what you create next!

Choosing Quilt Colors: Tips and Techniques


How to Use a Color Wheel For Quilting

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